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All the Clouds’ll Roll Away

Taylor Morris

Tahirih Unveiled

Here’s a storyteller with the Southern touch, a writer at the top of his talent. Taylor Morris gives us a young New Orleans man coming of age in a silver-spoon family during the Great Depression and World War II.

He tells us of his thinly-veiled alter ego Will from a Louisiana Bourbon family living among the fortress mansions of Esplanade and Audubon Place— “and everything that went with them.” Will is enamored of his Aunt Alice who “was a freethinker, a lover of ideas, the more radical the better.” We follow wild Will on his hunt for self-definition that Taylor writes about with as much energy and verve as the real-life fun they must have engendered.

The day Will and friends swim across the Mississippi River into manhood is a hilarious scene not to be missed.

Dreams of glory and adventure take Will and us through the throbbing heart of New Orleans—an octopus, its tentacles the Mississippi River, the Great Muddy, the Mighty. New Orleans is Spanish moss, Mardi Gras madness, coffee and chicory, jazz and carelessness — let the good times roll.

But New Orleans is more a disease than an amusement park, and it is always time to get out.

Morris is both Southerner and Northerner — Louisiana and New Hampshire. He writes of the best and the worst of this two-sided New Orleans city-town. His trilogy is divided into two books (“New Orleans” and “Flight” in this first volume. The third book “Dreams to Life,” volume 2, is to come next.

 Taylor Morris
 $19.95 (436pp.) Quality Trade Paperbound
 Gap Mountain Press, 2008
 ISBN 978-0-9795603-1-6
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"A beautiful love story of Will and Leyla. I found their uncertain relationship very moving. And always there—the flying—the war—Will’s family. Terrific writing."
-- Howard Zinn
"A storyteller in his prime.” Taylor Morris re-creates the life of “a passionate New Orleans young man coming of age and entering the adult world.” He writes “of life-searching dreams with as much energy and verve as the real-life fun they must have engendered...vim and vigor."
-- The Keene Sentinel
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