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All the Clouds'll Roll Away

Taylor Morris

CD excerpts from the novel read by the author.

All the Clouds'll Roll Away

Set in New Orleans, the novel recounts the adventures and times of an urban Huck Finn, caught up in the years just before and during World War II.

The New Orleans that Taylor Morris grew up in and loved is gone, he writes. "It will never return. So my truths about the city, and those happy days, are in the pages of my book."

Morris traces six generations of his New Orleans family roots to a French military attachment following the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.

Taylor Morris today
Taylor Morris today
His great grandfather Albert Baldwin owned half of mid-19th century New Orleans and lived in a house now designated a National Historic Site. (Morris narrates a family genealogy on the CD.)

In this audio CD, Taylor Morris, storyteller supreme, reads five major excerpts from his forthcoming novel All The Clouds'll Roll Away, his pre-and post-World War II trilogy of New Orleans life and beyond.

Hurricane Katrina of 2005 "and the waves of time have washed away truths and lies, buildings and houses, cities and people," Morris writes. "Only our stories remain - and our duty to remember."

Morris is author also of Walk of the Conscious Ants and Message from the Sparrows; Engaging Consciousness (see Book List).

 Taylor Morris
 CD. 79 minutes
 2006 $15.00
 Read by the author
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"The novel is full of good writing, and when Will meets Leyla it takes off like a rocket!"
—Howard Zinn
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