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Contact Us

If you have questions about your order from Appledore Books,
please send an email to:


We will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible to your inquiry.

Payment Options

If you would like to make a purchase from Appledore Books,
we provide two ways to pay for your order:
  • Mail in a printed Appledore Books order form with your personal check.
    • To use the mail-in order form, decide on all books you would like to order.
    • Then click here to display the Order Form page.
      Note: there are links to the Order Form page at the top of every book page and on the book list page.
    • Follow the instructions on the order form page to fill out the form.
    • Shipping and handling charges will be calculated and added to the total.
    • Make sure your printer is on and use the link on the form to print it out on your printer.
    • Mail the completed form along with a check for the full amount, including shipping and handling, to the address on the order form.
    • Your order will be shipped promptly when received by Appledore Books.

  • Use PayPal , a convenient, safe, and easy way to buy from Appledore Books
    using your credit card.
    • Using PayPal will expedite your order.
    • Please note: you do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card.
    • To select a book, simply click the PayPal "Add to Cart" button: on the book page. The book will be added to your shopping cart.
    • Click the "View Cart" button: to see which books you have selected. Here you can review which items you've selected for purchase, change the quantity of each book you've ordered, or remove books from your order.
    • To checkout (pay and enter shipping information) go to your cart and click the "Secure Checkout" button and follow the PayPal instructions.
    • Your order will be shipped promptly.

Appledore Books recommends using PayPal to speed your order and for the convenience of using your credit card.

Shipping & Handling

There is a $2.50 shipping and handling charge on the first book ordered.
An additional $.50 will be added for each additional book ordered.

Books are shipped by U.S. Postal Service, media mail.

Autographed Copies
At the time of your order, please email AppledoreBooksNH@aol.com directly detailing your request of a customized author signature (or authors signatures) with "To" (someone's name) and a brief message, if any. We'll do the rest and ship you the books as ordered. There is no extra charge for this service.

Edited books will be signed by the editor rather than the author or authors.


Contact Appledore Books at our new email address AppledoreBooksNH@aol.com for additional information.