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Country Roads of Connecticut and Rhode Island

Steve Sherman

Country Roads of Connecticut and Rhode Island

Connecticut and Rhode Island are small in size, huge in history. Connecticut is the third smallest state in the Union but holds intriguing back country sites to see and visit, including the long, calm Connecticut River Valley dissecting the state in half. Visit the peaceful northwestern corner along the Housatonic River, the 250-mile shoreline of Long Island Sound to the south, the quiet corner of the northeastern side of the state, any of the 119 state parks and forests.

Rhode Island, the fiftieth smallest state, offers 28 state parks and forests, scores of inviting small town village centers, and endlessly fascinating Narragansett Bay that indents the state for 30 miles.

Populations concentrate in the cities to the extreme in both states. Good. That leaves the rural lands, lakes and leisurely driving to those who like cruising uncluttered countryside to sample the simple and natural.

You can relive history by visiting seventeenth-century seaports and eighteenth century homesteads. Relax and contemplate the past in an elegant country inn built before America won its independence or stick to the innumerable natural wonders these easy day trips help you enjoy.

 Steve Sherman
 $12.95 (135 pp) Quality Trade Paperback
 Country Roads Press, 1994, 2000 (second edition)
 ISBN 0844243094
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