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Fleur Weymouth Photographs

Fleur Weymouth

Fleur Weymouth Photographs

Fleur Weymouth's photographs and paintings have appeared in more than 31 solo and group exhibitions from New York to Hawai'i. In these 88 color photographs, Weymouth literally opens our eyes to a world of transcendence with bold fronds, germinal seed pods and light-suffused roses. Whether her subjects are celebrated artists and writers from the Monadnock Region in New Hampshire or images of Italy, British Columbia, Sanibel Island and lei festooned Hawaiians, invariably they are an integral part of nature.

Padma Hejmadi writes in her Foreword to Fleur Weymouth Photographs, "This is a joyous, inclusive and celebratory art--from an artist who reveres the simple without ever losing her own complexity."

Weymouth began photographing at age eight in New England where she lived most of her adult life. In New Hampshire, her work to protect some of the beauty   she photographed led her to write the legislative bill and eventual passage of the 1971 Scenic Roads law that preserves choice corridors of the countryside. The law continues as a landmark achievement. Weymouth now lives in Hawai'i and has traveled far and wide from there since 1987--always with her camera.

In Fleur Weymouth Photographs, her images are displayed free and clear of words. In "Notes on the Plates" at the back of the book, she writes of circumstances that led to individual photographs and, if pertinent, what camera she used. At one point, she writes: "If we find a form of work we love, we can go deeply." And, of course, that's a reason this collection is the perfect gift.

 Fleur Weymouth
 $25.00 (96 pp), Hardcover
 Abeel & Leet, 1998
 ISBN 0965035727
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"She has an unfashionable sense of time--a respect for nature and gratitude for its gifts. She stops to look slowly at what most people walk right by--especially in our time with its frantic philosophy of trying to get everything in before the next commercial."
-- Helen Levitt
"Great book and excellent reproductions."
-- John Mitchell, editor, Sanctuary, Massachusetts Audubon Society
"What a stunning book! It's a magnificent collection."
-- Herb Kawaimui Kane
"The 88 color photographs reproduced in color here are gorgeous."
-- Women's Art Journal
"I think your work is truly beautiful, fresh and important. I hope it gets the recognition it simply and honestly deserves."
-- Marvin Mondlin, curator, rare books Strand Book Store, New York City
"The Fleur Weymouth Photographs book is a gem."
-- Judson D. Hale, Sr.
"My first view of Fleur Weymouth's photographs was nearly thirty years ago on Cape Cod. In black and white she had captured the very essence of all its living things. Now, in exquisite color, still using the camera as a third eye, she continues her deeply felt search for the rich variety of nature's forms."
-- Olive Lawson Bragazzi, director, Pierre Matisse Foundation
"Beauty, of course, is passe in some circles. Not here. Weymouth seems to inhale it in whatever surrounding she inhabits. Not the beauty achieved by studio lighting or by big budget excursions to mountaintops. This beauty is quiet. This book makes the case that the only small things in life are those minds with no room left to reconsider the familiar until it's new."
-- Corin Sexton, Photographers' Forum
"I admire very much, indeed, love these photographs!"
-- Robert Coles
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