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Grand Monadnock

Julia Older and Steve Sherman

Grand Monadnock

Our most popular book is now in a brand new edition. The 45-color photographs and many historical prints capture some of the stupendous views that stretch to all six New England states.

No other mountain is climbed by so many people nor so much loved and protected as Grand Monadnock. Yet the granite bald peak with more stature than size rises only 3,165 feet above sea level.

Grand Monadnock was a sacred mountain to the First Americans, a fascination for Thoreau and Emerson, a resort for 19th century Bostonians and New Yorkers,  a wonder to cherish for the preservationists of the 20th century. To those of the present day, Grand Monadnock is a mountain open to anyone of good health and caution to climb its magnificent summit.

This singular mountain stands alone above the lush woodlands  of southwestern village New Hampshire. Its cultural, social and environmental contributions to the country through the centuries continue to accumulate.

In GRAND MONADNOCK, you'll learn about the many trails to the rocky top, the story behind the name Monadnock, the geological formation, the era of taverns and inns. You'll read of the literature and arts inspired by the form and function of this captivating mountain, its calming and healing properties, what lovers of Grand Monadnock say about this extraordinary peak that has affected so many people.

 Julia Older and Steve Sherman
 $20.00 (111 pages)
Color photographs; historical prints
Quality Trade Paperback
 Appledore Books, 1990; second edition, 2003
 ISBN 0-9741488-0-6
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