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Higher Latitudes

Julia Older

Higher Latitudes

In this memorable backroads journey, the poet takes us through deep pine forests to "the center of town past the one-family store with the awnings pulled down," and along clear glacial lakes to the wide tidal flats of the Atlantic Ocean. Animals and people accompany us as we snowshoe, pick blueberries, crowd into a church bazaar, watch a great blue heron "hang like a Casablanca fan over the bay." The Woodlands section (followed by Village Green and Coastal Waters) begins with "Root Woman." Older's signature poem sets the tone for what has become one of her most popular collections.


North Country Cats*

North country cats
are not like any other.

While bundled stay-at-homes
cozy up to blazing fire,
miles from the nearest farm
with braided rug and sunny sill

North country cats,
clairvoyant and hunter-lean,
float like grizzled sentinels
along the drifts of snow-packed roads
ferreting the mole, the vole,
the hibernating mouse

as if this arctic plain
were not white, black, and still
but the chatoyant green
of an Equatorial tiger's eye.

*Also published in Yankee Magazine.

 Julia Older
 $8.00 (61 pp) Quality Trade Paperback
 Appledore Books, 1995
 ISBN 0962716235
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"Older is a lyric poet, a singer of songs. Her landscape is familiar fields and mountains, marsh and sea. These are not simple "nature" poems but full of people. Rooted in earth, Older's poems reach for the spiritual. Higher Latitudes invites us to do the same."
-- Sandell Morse, Concord Sunday Monitor
"Subjects may be commonplace, but the results are anything but. "Higher Latitudes" is a fine collection of poems by an accomplished poet."
-- Paul Lizotte, The Sunday Telegraph
"Julia Older is a poet of sense and sensibility. Her common sense has respect for daily occurrences; her sensibility is magnetized by language. Elizabeth Bishop at her most insouciant. A happy collection."
-- Constance Hunting, Puckerbrush Review
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