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Maple Sugar Murders

Steve Sherman

Maple Sugar Murders

Sap isn't the only thing running in Tylerton, New Hampshire. Residents run scared when a man is found strangled in his sugar orchard. Crusty Amos Reed and his seductive daughter Janice ask Hugh Quint to help look for the killer. Suspects pop out of the woodwork for the ex-Boston Police Department detective turned private investigator. Benj Carver's blood boils in a long-standing land feud with Reed. Both of them despise the developer from New Jersey. Tylerton is a peaceful country village everyone dreams about--sweet, 100% pure, and DEADLY.

 Steve Sherman
 $5.99 (222 pp), Mass Market
 Appledore Books, 1999
 ISBN 0962716251
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"Anyone who can sum up New Englanders neatly as this must be encouraged.
-- Clues
"An attractive job with a surprise ending"
-- The New York Times
"Sherman mixes philosophy, sugaring lore, and a little romance to come up with an appealing unhackneyed debut."
-- Kirkus Reviews
"A good tale. You'll be surprised when the murderer is revealed."
-- The Vermont Bookworm
Steve Sherman himself says of Maple Sugar Murders: "For my nonfiction book Basic Yankee; Conversations with New Englanders, I talked with lobster fishermen, ice cutters, dowsers, auctioneers, midwives, and--maple sugarers. Reality feeds unreality."
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