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Nature Walks in Southern New Hampshire

Julia Older and Steve Sherman

Nature Walks in Southern New Hampshire

New Hampshire starts with 40,000 miles of streams, 2,000 lakes and ponds, 182 mountains over 3,000 feet elevation and 86 percent of the land forested. Then comes the extraordinary number of state parks and forests, nature preserves and wildlife sanctuaries. Being outdoors in New Hampshire is an endless delight.

NATURE WALKS IN SOUTHERN NEW HAMPSHIRE includes 47 recommended trails located between the Connecticut River and the Atlantic Ocean, and south of Concord to the Massachusetts border. This southern tier of the state contains a remarkable variety of wildlife habitats from coastal salt marshes and high mowings to hilltop forests and riverside pathways. The walks listed in this palm-size book range in effort from easy to moderate, from thirty-minute tree identification trails to two-hour summit climbs.

Each trail is described in detail along with explanations of local flora and fauna. Besides photographs and maps for each walk, the guidebook tells walkers how to reach the trailhead starting points, town or city locations, how much time each walk takes, how many acres a particular park or reserve contains, the length of the trails, whether a particular footpath is a loop trail.

The Introduction tells what to wear, points out trails that children especially will like, tells what to look for and how to get the most from a nature walk.

Julia Older and Steve Sherman are authors also of the Appalachian Mountain Club books NATURE WALKS ALONG THE SEACOAST and NATURE WALKS IN THE NEW HAMPSHIRE LAKES REGION.

 Julia Older and Steve Sherman
 $10.95 (238 pp) Trade Paperback (6.5 x 4.5 inch)
 Appalachian mountain Club Books, 1994
 ISBN 187823935X
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