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The Ossabaw Book of Hours

Julia Older

The Ossabaw Book of Hours

Each time Julia Older spent writing sessions at the interdisciplinary colony of artists, naturalists and scientists on Ossabaw Island with its alligators and cottonmouth snakes, she came away with a vivid sense of the true wild. A friend later saw Older's poem in The New Yorker about this intriguing land offshore of Georgia and suggested she expand "The Ossabaw Book of Hours," which she did.

She added poems, she writes in the Foreword, "one for each Hour, like an illuminated medieval (primeval) manuscript."

Older begins this intriguing chapbook of other worldly life with:

The size of this collection belies the breadth of the extraordinary and the exotic created by these interlinked poems on a journey.Two of Older's woodcuts are included as well as a foreword and a glossary.The Ossabaw Book of Hours is part of the Walking to Windward Series of poetry.

 Julia Older
 $8.00 (23 pp) Quality Trade Paperbound.
 Oyster River Press, 2001
 ISBN 1882291654
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"The Ossabaw poems are rich, strange, haunting, with a rare honesty and toughness of fiber, capturing...one of the world's special places fecund, teeming, changeable and changing us."
-- Jean Pedrick
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