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Primary Crime

Steve Sherman

Primary Crime

Candidates are off and running in the New Hampshire Presidential Primary race in this New England Cozy mystery novel. Private detective Hugh Quint goes to a coffee to meet front-runner Freddy Foster and lands in the middle of a bizarre murder scene. When backwoods political watchdog Garth Mackey stumbles onto a second body, the ex-Boston Police Department detective agrees to investigate the fast-talking pack of suspects. Dark horse Willie Dowd trots his rally of rag-tag followers up Mount Monadnock, runs into spin-doctor Carla Unger, and suddenly springs into the political limelight. Then salacious photographs drag Rebecca Casey and Freddy Foster in the dirt. Boy-on-the-bus Andy Hoyt jockeys for a news-breaking scoop, and bets are on that he'd kill for a Pulitzer Prize. Hugh is running a dead heat nearly to the finish. But with a few tricks of his own--and help from his know-it-all mole Proctor Hammond--he out-stumps the cleverest of them.

 Steve Sherman
 $5.99 (223 pp) Mass Market
 Appledore Books, 2000
 ISBN 0962716278
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"Wonderful, quirky characters and multiple murders in this witty mystery."
-- A Compleat Mystery Bookshop, Portsmouth NH
"Sherman is a reporter who has covered campaigns, and his experience shows in this plot-driven mystery. Primary Crime is a quick, fun read for both mystery lovers and political aficionados."
-- BookBrower Review
Steve Sherman has traveled with "the boys on the bus" as a newspaper reporter interviewing Presidential primary candidates. His fact and fiction have appeared in many newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Esquire, Yankee and Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.
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